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(Optical Coherence Tomography)

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This is a non-invasive eye test, and is easily tolerated by the patient. Doctor will only recommend this test if he feels it is important in diagnosing and/or managing your eye problem. You can, obviously, elect not to proceed with this test; if you have any questions about it please ask the doctor or our staff.

This technology is extremely expensive and, unfortunately, to date, attracts no Medicare or private fund rebate. It is covered under the DVA. You will, therefore, have to pay for the test yourself in full and cannot claim any of this money back. The fee for this test normally between $55.50 and $106.50 This is set depending on the complexity by the Doctor at time of consultation.

Under certain circumstances some of this fee may also be claimed as a tax deduction. Please feel free to raise this matter with your health fund and also with your local politician, that Medicare does not cover this test at present.

This technology is at the forefront of the latest developments in ophthalmology and has only been possible by the recent improvements in computer technology, light sources and optics. It is an extremely powerful new piece of technology, allowing us to study unique information about the retina, which was not previously possible.

This information is extremely useful diagnostically and can also be used in an objective, quantitative manner, studying the retinal structures and the thickness of these. Computer imaging processing facilitates this and information can be displayed on maps and cross-sections of the retina. This information can be used to measure the progression or resolution of disease.