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About Us


Adelaide Eye and Retina Centre strives to deliver high quality medical and surgical eye care in a pleasing and personable setting. We hope to meet or even exceed your expectations. We endeavour to maintain the highest ethical, professional, and technical standards in order to provide our patients with the quality eye care they deserve.”


  1. We intend to be the eye care practice of choice to patients of all ages in our market area. We want people to think of us first as the logical place to call for eye care.
  2. To make our services available in a timely manner to medical and surgical patients requiring our expertise.
  3. To provide a professional and efficient office operating under the theory that “the patient is our most important asset”.
  4. We are in business to make a profit. To offer our services at competitive fees, we must control our costs. We must be sure that our patients are able to receive from us the care they need at an affordable cost.
  5. To continue to provide world-class technological, medical and ophthalmic services to our patients.
  6. We shall enhance our referral networks with open communications, educational opportunities and recognition as specialists in ophthalmology.
  7. Above all, we desire to practice in a positive, uplifting and rewarding work environment for all who serve and are treated.


EXCELLENCE : In care and staff.

CUSTOMER SERVICE : To treat patients (and those who refer them to us) with the best of our abilities. We always strive to serve patients in a friendly and courteous manner.

PRODUCTIVITY : To strive to do more with the efficient use of available resources.

EFFICIENCY : To do things right the first time.

EFFECTIVENESS : To do the right things.

SAFETY : To do no harm to our patients or ourselves.

COMPLIANCE : To follow the rules and obey laws.

RESOURCES : We are extremely proud of the outstanding quality of our staff. Working with such people is not only a pleasure but creates a esprit-de-corps that generates a 110% effort of all involved.

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Adelaide Eye and Retina Centre

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18 North Terrace, Adelaide

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